Banking, Finance & Securities Services

What We Offer

The Firm advises, acts and coordinates the execution of financial service transactions for clients in banking and corporate finance transactions, providing an array of services, particularly, in the structuring of complex financing transactions and in the preparation, review, stamping and registration of all forms of security documents including legal charges and mortgages, corporate bonds and debentures, letters of hypothecation, deeds of guarantee and indemnity, simple loan agreements and syndicated loan agreements.

Regarding registration of the security documents, the Firm prides in exceptional turnaround times which the Firm attributes to its long - term well established working relationships with the various government registries.

The Firm also prides in quality and has established a quality control system which ensures that any documents drafted and reviewed by the Firm have zero errors.

When the execution of the transaction requires the Firm to directly engage the Financier’s Customers/ Borrower (for example in execution of the Security Documents), the Firm is always keen to offer a top–notch customer service through flexibility which enables us to fully understand and be attuned to the customer needs; the result in some indirect way is a continuation of a seamless customer experience which begun at the Financier’s office.

Before registration of the Financier’s securities the Firm offers extensive due diligence to ensure that the transaction is not tainted by any elements of illegality or fraud.

The Firm sits on the panel of various Kenyan lenders including banks and government bodies and is currently acting for various international private equity firms and investors.


The following are some of its notable banking, finance and securities transactions:

    • The Firm acts for a government institution in financing transactions involving small scale and micro enterprises by preparing, reviewing, stamping and registering the various security documents and conducting all the required due diligence.
    • The Firm has advised and acted for Banks in the preparation and perfection of various securities in favour of the Banks.
    • The Firm has advised various international private equity lenders on how to set up a security agent to facilitate the perfection of securities on behalf of these lenders in view of the Kenyan laws enabling foreign direct investment.
    • The Firm has advised a Netherlands based Lender on structuring its loans within a security agent. The Firm has further prepared and registered various security documents for different Kenyan Borrowers of the differing subject value of up to Kshs. 50,000,000 in favour of this client.
    • The Firm has prepared and registered various security documents for different Kenyan borrowers for a lending of subject value of Kshs. 100,000,000 for a South African based private equity lender.
    • The Firm is currently advising and acting for a top retailer in the structuring of a mezzanine facility involving an international investor the subject value of Kshs. 1,000,000,000.

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