Legal Audit & Compliance Services

What We Offer

The Firm has qualified and trained legal auditors who undertake legal audit services for our clients. The scope of our legal audit and compliance services entail;


a). Legal Compliance Audit; We interrogate the choice and structure of the entity; recent acts of the board of directors and documentation (or lack of thereof); protection of intellectual property; pending or threatening litigation; insurance coverage; hiring and firing practices; laws applicable to the operations of the organization; employment agreements as well as a review of sales and marketing practices among other operations of the entity. Additionally, we understand the complexities and regulatory requirements of numerous regulatory bodies in Kenya and we assist our clients navigate the regulatory arena through advisories and also assist them obtain the necessary licenses, permits and approvals from these bodies to ensure compliance.


b). Litigation Audit; We interrogate how our clients hire, apply and manage outside counsel; their litigation information systems to see how litigation information is communicated to and acted upon by senior management; we also interrogate issues of choice of jurisdictions; cost, efficiency and quality of your counsel; and whether the client is making adequate use of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.

Additionally, JMK Law offers Legal Training Services to corporate firms, government institutions and non-governmental institutions. The firm has established the Compliance and Training Division, which provides specialized training for the various clients and develops compliance manuals to ensure they are fully compliant with applicable laws. Our team of lawyers dedicates the necessary resources in a cost-effective manner to meet the client’s timetable with regards to the scope of the training.


Notable transactions that the Firm has undertaken in this area of practice include;

  • The Firm audited a top retail company, together with its 5 related companies and consequently prepared a Legal Compliance Advisory and Schedule.
  • The Firm audited 7 affiliated Companies for a Client to ensure that they were fully compliant.
  • The Firm audited a Kenyan based manufacturer for cosmetics and advised on compliance and the risks involved.
  • The firm trained one of its corporate clients on Corporate Governance to ensure that it met thresholds of legal status and compliance to validly enter into legal relations.

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